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Why You Should Join The War On Animal Cruelty

Current laws against animal cruelty are are far too weak. A person who commits a violent and heinous act against an innocent animal rarely gets much more than a slap on the wrist and a warning. Here are some examples.

A man in Geneva Ohio beat a dog nearly to death causing severe head trauma and broken bones. He was given 2 months of jail time and one year of probation. He was also ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling and to pay the dog's owner $1,000 for vet bills. The actual bills were over $3,000.

In Maryland, a landlord entered his tenant's property, took 2 of her cats, killed them with a shotgun and threw their bodies in a creek. Despite the felony status of such a crime in Maryland the defendant was acquitted over lack of definition of the phrase "cruelly kills". (source)

Even if you are not an animal lover, consider the impact of animal cruelty on people. When a person's pet is brutally tortured or killed for no reason, that person suffers a deep anguish that lasts for many years. These crimes are not just against animals. When these crimes take place there are human victims too.

This is from the National Crime Prevention Council : "The Humane Society of the United States points to the long list of serial killers who began their career by torturing and killing pets:  Jeffery Dahmer spent his youth decapitating dogs and staking cats to trees. Ted Bundy tortured his pets and also witnessed his father's brutality toward animals. Many children who are being abused by their caregivers will act out by abusing their pets. Juvenile animal abuse should be taken very seriously and followed up with a screening of the child for abuse."


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