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The Companion Animal Protection Act


Sample Letter

1234 Address
Washington DC, 12345

Dear Representative/Senator Full Name,

Anyone who has ever witnessed abuse of a domestic animal knows that reporting it can be a frustrating and hopeless process. Those rare cases that make it to court it often result in a fine that wouldnít cover the cost of the vet treatment for the abuse.

But I believe that these instances of animal abuse should be a concern to more than just those who love animals. Those who abuse animals do not exist in a vacuum or restrict their violent behaviors to animals. Studies reported by animal welfare groups like the American Humane Society show a well-established link between those who abuse their families, and those who abuse their animals. Furthermore, children who are victims of abuse may themselves become animal abusers. Dog fighters are also well linked to organized crime and other violent activities. Most serial killers started their killing sprees with animals.

Iím writing to you because I believe these violent criminals deserve more than a slap on the wrist, a small fine or short jail sentence. I believe that anyone capable of such cruelty to another living creature will not stop with their pets and other people's pets. I believe these people deserve harsher punishments.

And with that in mind, I urge you work towards harsher sentences and stricter punishments for these violent criminals.


Your Full Name


Customizing your letter: A form letter is better than no letter, but a customized letter is even more effective. Here are some thoughts on how you can customize your letter.

Make it personal, speak of a personal experience with animal cruelty

Cite a recent case of animal cruelty in your area that you believe was not properly handled.

Specifically reference the animal cruelty laws in your state, and why they are inadequate.

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